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York Soaring Association Proving Grounds

Located east of the town of Arthur, Ontario, York Soaring is a large Ontario gliding club with a focus on new pilot development. The club operates from their large grass aerodrome, with 9 runways, and a large fleet of gliders to support members of all skill levels.

For decades, York Soaring has delivered youth-focused training utilizing the largest private fleet of Schweitzer 2-33s in Canada, and delivers training programs which can deliver solo status, even license in as few as 3 weeks for a dedicated student! Ab initio training is also available in an ASK-21.

The York installation of the Proving Grounds includes two ‘local’ tasks to respect the club policy of low time pilots staying upwind of the airfield, and triangles through popular terrain with great landout options, and next to no airspace concerns.

Good luck. Fly safe!

York Soaring Association’s Proving Grounds Task Sheet