The Proving Grounds Team is now the exclusive distributor of “The Soaring Engine” line of books in Canada. Written by world renowned soaring coach, G Dale, these books are an excellent base for aspiring cross-country pilots or a fine tune for top competion pilots and everyone inbetween.

The fourth volume of the Soaring Engine series will be available in May 2021.

Volumes one and two investigates the nature of soaring conditions and how to exploit them, and volume three outlines how a pilot may achieve excellence in the sport of cross country soaring.

Volume four is about the equipment. Gliding is an unusual blend of technology and artistry, and today’s sailplanes are aerodynamically refined and optimised. Current avionics suites are equally sophisticated, with powerful processors, moving maps, complex user interfaces, electronic conspicuity systems and internet connectivity. This high performance comes at the cost of significantly increased complexity.

The aim of this book is to review some of the important features of modern composite airframes, explain and clarify the latest developments in avionics, and show pilots how to operate their glider and instrument suite to maximum effect. Intended for pilots at all experience levels the content is easy to follow with many colour illustrations and a comprehensive appendix.

To keep costs low, we are creating a pre-order and only accepting e-transfers or cash as payment.  You must have your pre-order in by April 25 to secure the introductory pricing.  Each book is CAD$57 or you can bundle all four for CAD$215.
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