Flying Simon flies the VLC Deelen ‘Ultra’

One of the things that gives us the most hope for the future of soaring is the volume of incredible soaring content being created on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Most of this is being done by incredible young people – passionate about soaring, and savvy with videography and photography!

These media platforms provide an incredible opportunity to showcase the magic, challenge, yet relative ease of gliding and soaring. One of our favourite such young storytellers is Simon van den Eijkel, you might know him as the YouTuber, Flying Simon.

Flying Simon does a fantastic job with soaring storytelling, and we were super excited for him to make a video about the Proving Grounds, from one of the installations in his home country of the Netherlands.

We’re so happy Simon took the time to make this video, and between the mission, the “weapon”, the kits and the scoring showcasing the product, what we love most about Simon’s video is his journey, that of the everyday task pilot.

Flying tasks, armed with an encouraging weather forecast, inviting skies, and abundant optimism requires constant re-evaluation, shifting gears, decision making, awareness, and persistence and that’s clearly on display in Simon’s video showcasing the Proving Grounds, flying the largest task “Ultra” at Zweefvliegclub Deelen.

Thanks Simon! Fly safe, fly deliberately, and keep telling great stories about the world of soaring, and your journey through it!

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