Canada, Club Instances

RVSS is a mid-sized club with a membership of about 60. The club was founded in the late sixties. We have a single 3,700ft. runway right next to the Rideau River about 35 km south of Ottawa. Unfortunately, we are now in the Ottawa control zone and flying to the north is impossible, as is directly west and east. However, we have a special glider zone with a 4,000ft ceiling which must be activated every time we fly. Fortunately, when flying within our zone we can call Ottawa Terminal and ask for higher altitudes within their Class C airspace. Often such requests are granted and we can climb to 5,000’ and sometimes even higher. That allows us to get out of our zone faster and go cross-country outside of the Ottawa Terminal area.

We have a good group of pilots who are eager to fly and several are quite active cross-country pilots. Flights of over 500km are done in most years but to do that we have to contend with pretty rough and higher country to the west and north-west. But thermals are good there so it can be really exhilarating flying.  Our private glider fleet ranges from Standard Libelles and PIK 20s to DG 400M and ASW 27.  The club has 3 two-seaters including a newly acquired ASK 21 as well as a 2-33 and a Twin-Grob. Single seaters are a Schweizer 1-34 and an LS 4.

RVSS Proving Grounds Task Sheet (March 2020)