Canada, Club Instances

The Lethbridge Soaring Club (LSC) is made up of a dedicated group of enthusiastic aviators operating from the legendary Cowley Gliderstrip, known as ‘Canada’s Diamond Mine’. The Cowley airstrip has a storied history and sits a couple of dozen km east of the Livingstone Range, a 35 km north/south knife-edge ridgeline that creates tremendous wave opportunities recognized with special airspace allowing gliders to FL280 (and above with clearance). With an east wind, the Livingstone Range provides thrilling ridge soaring opportunities.

There are also fantastic thermal soaring opportunities out into the Prairies, down to the US border and through the eastern ranges of Canada’s majestic Rocky Mountains.

Join pilots at the semi-annual ‘Cowley Camps‘ – the 10 days into the Heritage Holiday Weekend (early August), and the 10 days into Canadian Thanksgiving. This should be a requisite pilgrimage of all Canadian gliding pilots – to honor and celebrate the hard work and sacrifice of the pilots who worked to create the ‘Cowley block’ and continue to set records in Canada for altitude and distance.

The LSC Proving Grounds is made up of 3 triangles that build on each other – 73, 115, 166km out into the Prairies.

Come and fly at Cowley, primarily a winch site (other than during aforementioned camps), and regularly offering tremendous flying opportunities.

LSC Proving Grounds Task Sheet (Updated January 2022)