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Club Instances, USA

The Tucson Soaring Club (TuSC) was formed in November of 1967 and operated out of Ryan Field. There were 25 charter members. In 1983, the club moved to Marana Number 5 Auxiliary Field (a field used during WWII). The members cleared the brush for runways and built the hangars. The field was named El Tiro Gliderport after the road which leads to the airport.

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Canada, Club Instances
Montreal Soaring Club is one of the oldest and largest clubs in Canada!

With a mission of fostering art, science and practice of soaring, to the sport’s highest standards, the club utilizes a fleet of  3 – L19 “Bird Dog” tow planes and 10 sailplanes to deliver on this mission. In addition to the club fleet, there are approximately 15 privately owned sailplanes tied down in trailers on our 260-acre airport. The airfield is home to a 2000′ x 400′ grass strip.

Other facilities at the club include:
+ Comfortable clubhouse with kitchen, main clubroom, bathrooms, fireplace and refreshment bar

+ Heated swimming pool with changing rooms and showers

+ Travel trailer sites with electricity/water (cable & WiFi available)

+ Tenting area
+ Gas BBQ (to cook your own food)

+ Glider maintenance shop

The Montreal Soaring Club is a welcoming and established club with many great members, initiatives and successes. They are located between Montreal, QC, and Ottawa, ON on the beautiful banks of the Ottawa River and a primarily French-speaking club, with Proving Ground support in both French and English.

Montreal Soaring Club Task Sheet (March 2020)

Canada, Club Instances

The Winnipeg Gliding Club is comprised of approximately 35 members and is located abut 45 minutes southwest of Winnipeg near Starbuck, Manitoba. In 2019, the club celebrated its 60th Anniversary and also received two brand new PW6 gliders in that same year as well. The area around the Winnipeg Gliding Club is ideally suited for cross-country as most times of the year there are excellent fields for off-field landings. Flights of 300 kms are easily accomplished in Manitoba with flights of 500 kms possible on good soaring days as well. The best months of the soaring season are May & June when it is not uncommon to experience cloud bases to 9 or 10 thousand feet.

The three Proving Grounds tasks at the Winnipeg Gliding Club are Larry’s Loop, ABBA & M&M. Larry’s Loop pays homage to the late Larry Morrow, a long time member of the Winnipeg Gliding Club who passed in 2019. The task skirts the outside of the ‘Main Area’ which is special airspace within the Winnipeg Class C Terminal Airspace that Nav Canada has granted us use of. The second task, ABBA is a tour of Areas A & B which are also special areas of airspace within the Winnipeg Class C Terminal Airspace that Nav Canada has granted us use of and finally, M&M visits two small Southern Manitoba towns of Miami (yes, there is a Miami in Manitoba) and Morris which are familiar landmarks for seasoned WGC cross-country pilots. We are hoping to leverage the Proving Grounds initiative with our new PW6 gliders to encourage cross-country development within the club.

Winnipeg Gliding Club Task Sheet (March 2020)