The Proving Grounds platform provides a unique, low maintenance approach to member development.

Pilots fly fixed tasks and email their traces to a customized ‘bot’ for their club which returns time & average speed for successfully flown tasks automatically.

Pilots record their specifics on magnetic slips, then order the slips from fastest to slowest on beautiful, stainless steel task boards.

All you have to do is define the right tasks for your club. We ship you task sheets (laminated and loose), ranking boards, magnetic slips, a holder for the task sheets, even some felt tipped markers. All that’s left for members of your club is to fly a task and record a result – for years to come. 

Turn your glider pilots into soaring pilots and retain new members!

  • Glider landing
The Kits

The physical kits for the Proving Grounds include all you need for out of the box success with the platform. Board, slips, task sheets, even felt tipped markers.

The Bot

Tasks are configured for each club. Pilots mail their .igc traces to the 'bot', it's evaluated and a score (time, speed) is returned within seconds.

The Tasks

Tasks should support the local pilot to start with successive triangles which build on each other for safe first steps away from the club.

  • Glider in flight, viewed from second glider

Is your club like our club? We effectively have two distinct types of members, the tenured, recurring, over burdened, skilled members, and the perpetually rotating parade of new members who can’t seem to connect with the magic of soaring.

The Proving Grounds is (especially) for the later group of members – the local time builders, the aspirational XC pilots, those unsure of what’s next. When these members accomplish a milestone, it’s often overshadowed by the accomplishments of their mentors. When these members run out of milestones, where do they go?

With standard tasks over considered terrain, pilots discus landout options, develop a common language around task flying and accomplishing an objectively small achievement earns public recognition, followed by the next safe step to support growth.

Member retention, social competition, automated, enabling, safe – we hope you’re as excited about using the platform as the clubs already using it already are!

  • Contents of a Proving Ground Kit

You’ll find gliding clubs using the Proving Grounds for all sorts of purposes at many clubs – for fun, for competition, as the core element of the XC development program.

Launched across Canada in 2019, we are ready to configure a system for any English or French speaking club in the world (or elsewhere with language support).

See who is using the Proving Grounds, learn about these clubs and how their tasks are configured on our blog, then follow up to establish an installation for your club!

Providing national support to all member clubs through a National Airsport Control (NAC) is an effective way to empower member clubs with a resource to support novice glider pilot development which is low cost, no maintenance, and easy to setup.

Help your member clubs help their glider pilots become soaring pilots to sustain the sport.