Club Instances, USA

The Philadelphia Glider Council is a non-profit, membership-based 501 (c)3 organization dedicated to the joy and adventure of soaring flight.

We own a beautiful 125-acre private turf gliderport in Hilltown, PA (Bucks County) devoted exclusively to soaring and a modern all fiberglass fleet. Our longest runway is approximately 3,000 feet long.

We provide primary and advanced instruction and promote Cross Country.

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The Oklahoma Soaring Association (OSA) operates at the Hinton Municipal Airport in Hinton Oklahoma just west of Oklahoma City.

We’ve been flying gliders in Oklahoma since the 1960’s! Operating as a member owned club, we have 4 club gliders, a tow plane and many privately owned gliders.

For flight training, or cross country/skill development, OSA is a great option to pursue gliding, and the Proving Grounds stands to help novice OSA pilots develop their task flying skills in a supportive and outcome-oriented training environment!

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