Canada, Club Instances

The Toronto Soaring Club is a bunch of soaring enthusiasts that introduce people to the wonderful sport of soaring known especially for their community, with frequent club dinners, and legendary campfires.

The Proving Grounds is a welcome addition to the development of more advanced piloting skills.

Thanks to our past member’s contributions, the club owns a large aerodrome near Conn, ON which is ideally suited for learning basics and as a launchpad for more advanced cross country flying.

‘Keep it fun & Keep it safe!’

TSC Proving Grounds Task Sheet (March 2020)


Canada, Club Instances

Central Alberta Gliding Club (CAGC) was established in 1989.  Originally the club was founded by power pilots looking for a new challenge in aviation.  The founding members all contributed financially to buy the first glider – a Schweizer 2-22 (C-FOZS).  The club didn’t begin flying regularly until 2 years later, once the aircraft had been substantially refurbished.  Because of the lack of instructors and experience, only those holding power licenses were accepted as new members at that time.  As experience was gained, ab initio students joined, and the club evolved into soaring.  The 2-22 served as the club’s primary trainer for over 20 years. The foundation of our club has always been accessible and attainable gliding, with an additional focus on aircraft maintenance and homebuilding for those with an interest in this area.

Central Alberta Gliding Club operates from the Innisfail, AB airport, is a tight-knit group of friendly aviators with great soaring opportunities making use of strong western Canadian prairie conditions.

The CAGC Proving Grounds is comprised of a Racetrack from CAGC to the west, a 106.3km to the east known as “The 100”, and a larger triangle that builds on “The 100” with a 183.6km triangle, not surprisingly titled, “The 180”.

Come set a time for a Proving Ground triangle at Central Alberta Gliding Club!

CAGC Proving Grounds Task Sheet (March 2020)